Text Box: Urban Planning - Land Use and Parking Analysis - Las Vegas, Nevada

The following is a selection of just some of our recent projects.

Evaluate the potential for alternative land use, parking and transit options within the casino/resort corridor that will provide the opportunity to realize the full development potential while mitigating congestion.

Selected Projects

Text Box: Study the feasibility of locating a ballpark on a limited site that is nestled between a freeway, railway and two downtown thoroughfares. Study included sizing analysis, ballpark orientation, functional and conceptual design, and compatibility with its urban surroundings. A&A also worked closely with the city of Minneapolis Mayor, the County Board of Commissioners and the Department of Community Planning and Economic Development to provide a proposal to the Minnesota Governor’s Stadium Screening Committee.
Text Box: Urban Planning - A New Urban Ballpark
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Text Box: Analyze the existing and planned transit collective to determine the most appropriate and potentially successful method of connecting the McCarran International Airport to the transit system and metro area. Process included workshops with the Regional Transportation Commission and Senior Airport Staff.
Text Box: Airport Transit Study
McCarran Int’l Airport, Las Vegas
Text Box: Detailed analysis of planning alternatives to facilitate a selection by City Staff. Study included parking enterprise fund, tax increment financing, development costs, land assembly, revenue potential and operating expenses. Alternative comparisons were based on economics, developmental impact, urban design impact, developmental obstacles and ability to satisfy demand.
Text Box: Urban Planning - Parking Alternatives
City of Rochester, Minnesota
Text Box: 65 acre facility with two levels containing 2,800,000 square feet providing 2,800 ready and return spaces at grade level and vehicle storage on the upper level. Scope included site selection, demand analysis, busing analysis, functional layout and space allocation. Text Box: Consolidated Rental Car Facility
Baltimore/Washington Int’l Airport
Text Box: Constructed in conjunction with a duty-free shopping center and connected to the Naha International Airport via a monorail system. Services provided include planning and design of the rental car facility, travel to Okinawa for data gathering and meeting with the Japanese rental car industry to better understand their needs and requirements.
Text Box: Consolidated Rental Car Facility
Okinawa, Japan
Text Box: Includes 12,000 surface parking spaces, 3,400 ready and return spaces, and a 50,00 square foot customer service building on a 62 acre site. A&A staff were the prime planners responsible for all aspects of the project definition statement. Leigh Fisher provided the financial plan as a sub-consultants and A&A provided the physical plan and conducted rental car industry workshops.
Text Box: Consolidated Rental Car Facility
McCarran International Airport
Text Box: Projected size requirements, developed conceptual design and conducted workshop meetings with rental car industry. Unique challenges included limited site availability, runway zone height limitations, and non-contiguous parcels of land. Because of the impact from September 11, 2001, and the subsequent decline of the rental business, the plan was never implemented. However, the project illustrates the creativity that can be brought to bear on difficult design issues.
Text Box: Consolidated Rental Car Facility
Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport
Text Box: A&A was retained by the theatre to review and evaluate revenue projections prepared by the City of Minneapolis staff. Inconsistencies found in the projection figures showed a negative cash flow for a significant number of years thus, convincing Guthrie Theatre representatives not to pursue purchase of the adjacent parking garage.
Text Box: Parking Facility
Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis MN
Text Box: Architectural design services for a new transit center and parking garage located in Mound, Minnesota. Challenge was to be sensitive to the City’s desire to link the aesthetics of the new facility with the City’s past history of being a lake resort community. Steep sloping roofs, scalloped shingles, brick, flags and a clock tower provide the flavor of a once famous resort that occupied the shores of Lake Minnetonka in the nineteenth century. Other features include transit bus parking with a waiting area for patrons, area for a future light rail station and a space for a weekend farmer’s market.
Text Box: Parking Facility
Mound Transit Center - Mound, Minnesota

Architectural design of a new employee parking garage for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The challenge was to understate the aesthetics so that parking patrons do not confuse the structure with the glass-enclosed public parking facilities located nearby. Precast panels are designed to screen the sloped driving bays. Lightly colored panels and clean lines of a glass-enclosed elevator tower provide a pleasing façade that fits nicely within the garage surroundings.

Text Box: Parking Facility
Mayo Clinic Employee Parking Garage

A&A was retained by Marmon Mok Architecture of San Antonio, Texas to assist them with the functional design of a new 800 stall, eight level parking garage for the University. The unique steel structural system presented additional design challenges including tight headroom restraints, clearance for way finding signage, and proper drainage.

Text Box: Parking Facility
University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio

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